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Hoodies and Jackets

At Kiwi Boyz clothing, we search the world looking for the best Hoodies and Jackets to import for your sons.

Our market reasearch tells us that parents want hoodies that zip all the way through the front as this makes it easier for parents of babies to put their hoodie on, or remove it. Whilst the pre-teen boy tells us themselves they prefer a hoodie with a full zip so they don’t mess their hair pulling it over their head!

Our parents also tell us that they don’t just want a jacket for warmth, it has to be stylish whilst being practical. We have some great thick Jackets this year that are designed for New Zealands colder months with some popular design features of: double zip and dome front for that extra wind protection, thick warm styles. But we wont list all the features here, check them out for yourself.

Hoodie and Jackets Range

Below is our range of hoodies and jackets for keeping your boy warm this season.