Why Kiwi Boyz?

Why Kiwi Boyz?

Kiwi Boyz clothing is my baby, it is a concept that I came up with due to being a mother to one son. He is not your average size boy, standing head and shoulders above other boys. He isn’t particularly huge though so we often have to purchase a size larger than normal to get them to fit in the legs, but then they are too large in the waist.

Having adjustable waist clothing through the whole range is a priority to me because of the issues I have fitting my son into standard boys clothes. Having a range to choose from is also a high priority. Girls get a large selection of t-shirts, jeans, shorts, even hoodies, but for boys there is a big gap in the market. I tried to buy my son a Christmas t-shirt in 2017, they had five styles for girls, and not even one for boys!!

The smaller provences in New Zealand (and yes I consider our home town of New Plymouth to be one of these) dont have the range of clothing stores to enable the wearer to be unique. My son would go to school with a hoodie on and either not come home with one at all, or come home with two!

I import my clothing from a variety of places, the UK, China, Turkey and USA, and am constantly looking for other new and exciting items to add to our range.

Keep your eyes on our awesome range, and the introduction of Christmas stock in 2018!!

Look forward to keeping you up to date….


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